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Gergely Nemeth

Co-Founder of RisingStack, EM at Uber

Private NPM Modules

Last updated:
NPM just announced the long-awaited support for private modules. Here is how to create your first private NPM module.

Organizing JSConf Budapest

Last updated:
JSConf is a unique conference organization. We are a loose federation of developers who share the same idea about how a technical conference should be held.

IO.js Overview

Last updated:
Bringing ES6 to the Node Community! The story of io.js, which is an npm compatible platform originally based on node.js™.

Getting Started with Koa - Part 2

Last updated:
In the last episode of Getting Started with Koa we mastered generators and got to a point, where we can write code in synchronous fashion that runs asynchronously. This is good, because synchronous code is simple, elegant, and more reliable, while async code can lead to screaming and crying (callback

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