Last week my colleague - Robert - made a super simple local API server for front-end junkies. You can fire it up with a single command and use it to learn client-side frameworks by building apps with them. The server has several endpoints, authentication and an awesome docs page to let you really focus on the client-side.

I decided to build a React app for the API and live stream the process.

In the first episode I bootstrapped the app with Create React App and made a few pages with Material-UI and my own React stack, which will be open-sourced soon.

You can watch the video here:

(It was my first stream so the audio wasn't perfect - I know. :) The next one will be shot with a better gear!)

In the second episode, I will continue with authentication, UX and offline optimization.:

I also got inspired by Dan Abramov's suspense demo from last week to do something similar with today's React.

Tune in at 15:00 UTC (March 7.) to our Twitch channel, if you feel like learning some modern front-end development and React!