We are happy to announce that starting from September, three instructors from RisingStack will be traveling Europe to hold trainings on Node.js, Microservices, and Security.

The Node.js Trainings:

1, Node.js Fundamentals

During this training, you can learn how to set up a proper Node.js development environment, how to build applications using Express and PostgreSQL, how to manage asynchronous operations and how to test them. This training takes 2 days.

You can find the detailed training agenda here.

2, Securing Node.js Applications

During this training, you will learn how to make your Node.js application more secure, and how to protect it against XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection or different DDOS attacks. The training takes two days.

You can find the detailed agenda here.

3, Building Microservices with Node.js

In the Building Microservices with Node.js training, you will learn what Microservices are, and how you can implement them using Node.js. The training takes two days.

You can find the detailed agenda here.

About the instructors

Czibik Peter

Peter Czibik joined RisingStack as one of the first employees. He has been helping companies adopt Node.js by holding training and consulting sessions for them. Peter will hold most of the Node.js Fundamentals trainings.

You can find Peter on Twitter under @peteyycz.

Tamas Kadlecsik

Tamas Kadlecsik has engineered some of the most complex parts of our Microservice architecture, gaining a lot of experience in designing such systems. Tamas will hold most of the Building Microservices with Node.js trainings.

You can find Tamas on Twitter under @bionazgul.

Gergely Nemeth

Gergely Nemeth is one of the founders of RisingStack and a long-time Node.js user. He is very keen on security, so he will hold most of the Securing Web Applications classes.

You can find Gergely on Twitter under @nthgergo.

This Node.js Training was available in

Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Dublin, Zurich, Paris, Lisbon & Amsterdam.

In case you have any questions regarding this training, or you’d like to invite our team to hold a training exclusively for your company, please reach out to [email protected].

See You at Our Node.js Trainings!

We hope to see you at one of the locations we offer trainings at!

Please let us know if you miss your city from the list, and let's talk if we can make that work!