DevOps 101 (not just) from a Node.js Perspective

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The NodeBP meetup took place on the 27th of March at the LogMeIn office space – with over 80 attendees. There were two presentations; one by RisingStack’s senior engineerPeter Czibik, the other by Szabolcs Szabolcsi-TóthSenior engineer at IBM.


DevOps & Node.js

Npm has lots of modules for DevOps, like logging, metrics, service discovery. But when you arrive at production-land, you may find that these are already handled by old players. Avoid the same mistakes I did, when my first node service was on its way to the world.

The presentation is available here.

Topics discussed:

  • Everything you need to know about metrics, from how do you collect data to how to handle metrics like latency, or resources.
  • When should you error report? And what should you report exactly? Szabolcs will also go through some tools you can use with Node.js.
  • What is logging and what are the benefits of doing it correctly? Which libraries should you pick for your own business? Szabolcs covers the best practices of logging, with special attention to GDPR, then he mentions tools to select from.
  • What are secret storages and what are the benefits of using them? What is considered sensitive data? Where should you keep these sensitive data out of?
  • The importance of service discovery, with some examples you can also select from.
  • Pros and cons of process supervision, and a tool you can use for it.
  • The features of program runners.
  • Ways for connecting services.

Check out the photos of the meetup

This article is written by Andrea Papp.

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