As you might now, we started organizing the Nodebp Meetup group back in the fall of 2013. This included NodeBeers, Nodebreakfast, traditional meetups and a Nodeschool event, of course.

Then Mikeal Rogers a.k.a. @mikeal started One-Shot London, which was a one-day, single track speaker series presented by NodeConf.

How OneShot Budapest born

Exactly what we need in Hungary as well, as the next step of the evolution of the local Node.js community!

A few beers later we (@oroce, @slashdotpeter, @madbence and myself) decided to do the same, and One-Shot Budapest was born.

NodeConf One-Shot Budapest

November 21, Budapest

On 21th November Budapest will host some very great Node.js people for a couple of days including: Matteo Collina, Mathias Buus, Aria Stewart, Julian Gruber, Gabor Javorszky, Nuno Job, Maciej Małecki and C J Silverio — but stay tuned, more to be announced ;)

Topics will include microservices, Internet of Things, running Node.js in production and some crazy science like BitTorrent and p2p with Node.

Call for Papers

Also, if you feel like, our Call for Papers is still open, you can send yours to:

So save the date, and see you on 21th November in Budapest: NodeConf Budapest!