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RisingStack’s Node.js Development and Consulting service is tailored for businesses aiming for rapid, top-tier results with seasoned engineers. Reach out to us today!

Why RisingStack?

RisingStack is a one-stop-shop for all your web development needs. From the initial spark of planning and sleek design, straight through to seamless development and deployment – we’re with you. Our mission doesn’t end at launch. With top-notch maintenance and support, we ensure your app never skips a beat.

Our consulting service is here for teams seeking the wisdom of experienced developers. We offer comprehensive code reviews, guidance on scaling, bolstering security, adept debugging, and insight into the best practices of Node.js and web development. Partner with us for clarity, precision, and success. Reach out to learn more.

Whether it’s back-end magic, front-end finesse, or DevOps mastery, RisingStack’s black-belt consultants are here for you. Your objectives, our expertise – let’s sync up and soar!

Enhance Your Web App with Our Node.js Development Services

At RisingStack, our expertise with Node.js has empowered us to craft applications capable of serving millions of concurrent users effortlessly. Whether you hail from a budding series B startup from the Valley or stand tall as a blue-chip heavyweight, we speak your language when it comes to beefing up your Node web app.

RisingStack has been immersed in Node projects since 2014, collaborating across diverse sectors—from med-tech, insurance, and banking to logistics, security, e-commerce, and AI.

Let’s partner and propel your digital ambitions. Reach out to us today!

Supercharge Your Back-end with Our Full-Stack Node.js Expertise

We dedicate battle-hardened full-stack engineers to each of our assignments on a time and materials basis. RisingStack’s devs thrive on open channels, rapid-fire feedback and daily standups. From blueprint to deployment and beyond, we’re the high-energy particle accelerator destined for multiplying your team’s potential.

Collaborating with us empowers our partners to:

  • Swiftly break into new markets and serve millions of potential customers.
  • Save costs thanks to our specialized tooling, infrastructure, and cloud consultation experience.
  • Operate expansive systems backed by RisingStack’s round-the-clock support.

Custom Node.js Solutions for Your Development Team

Nestled in the heart of Budapest, Hungary, RisingStack is a boutique software development agency boasting a robust team of 20 webdev maniacs.

Our project engagements span from $100K to $3M USD. We gravitate towards enduring partnerships with companies that come equipped with a dynamic tech team and a CTO that speaks the same language.

We uphold a strict policy against partnering with entities involved in gambling, crypto scams, warfare, or any related ventures. Our commitment is to ethical and positive impact projects.

Companies we already worked with:

"RisingStack has been a great partner for us in carrying out various software development and integrations projects. They are deeply knowledgeable, flexible and reliable. They work hard to make sure that the relationship stays strong by soliciting feedback and communicating regularly."
Patrick Flanagan
COO at Administrate
"RisingStack helped us to carry out an internal Kubernetes cluster audit for TIKI's Data Science Platform. Together, the mixed team was able to identify over 10 relevant topics and was able to solve most of them during the five day on-site engagement. After the intense work and exchange, the team was able to solve the remaining topics within next 8 weeks. At the present time DSP runs smoothly and there are no design or performance bottlenecks."
Reinis Vicups
CTO of Technologisches Institut für angewandte künstliche Intelligenz
"At Instructure we're building Canvas, the world's leading LMS system which is used by half of the world's top 50 Universities. We engaged 4 developers from RisingStack to build a critical core functionality in our distributed system. Besides delivering high-quality code, RisingStack helped us train new staff, carried out code-reviews and made suggestions on improving our infrastructure."
Marton Csikos
Director of Engineering, Canvas / Instructure

RisingStack: A Beacon in the Node.js Universe​

RisingStack doesn’t just ‘use’ Node.js – we live and breathe it. For over 9 years, we’ve sculpted high-performance web applications, leveraging the vast possibilities Node.js and its surrounding ecosystem offer. But our connection with Node.js doesn’t stop at crafting; we’re fervent in spreading its magic too.

Here’s a glance at our imprints in the Node.js cosmos:

  • Resourceful Reads: Our engineering blog stands tall as a pivotal hub for Node.js aficionados. Monthly, an audience of approximately 150,000 readers delves into insights we deliver.

  • Community Commitment: Our zeal for Node.js isn’t confined to the virtual realm. We’ve ignited the passion of the community with over 40 Node.js & JavaScript meetups and have been the driving force behind several tech-centric conferences in Budapest.

  • Industry Recognition: In TechCrunch’s “Tracking the explosive growth of open-source software” analysis, RisingStack gleamed as a frontrunner in the Battery Open-Source Software Index, cementing our place as a Node.js powerhouse alongside NodeSource.

Case studies & Node.js tutorials

Explore Real-World Applications and Learn Best Practices with RisingStack's In-Depth Guides

Async Await in Node.js – How to Master it?

Learn how to use async await in Node.js (async functions) to simplify your callback or Promise based application.

Do your engineers do what you think they do?

This case study shows how we reformed a scale-up’s dev processes after uncovering severe discrepancies between the official and real way of getting things done.

Serving Millions of Users in Real-Time with Node.js & Microservices

Learn how we fixed a nasty bottleneck in a large Node.js Microservices infrastructure, and how we scaled it so it could serve 1000s of requests per second.

Node.js Consulting and Development FAQ

At RisingStack we’ve been working on greenfield and matured projects as well, mainly for North American and European companies. As a development company, we assign full-time engineers over an extended period of time to work alongside your developers. Our collaboration model ensures seamless integration with your team, enabling us to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to your needs.

On the front-end, our experts are confident with React, Angular & Vue. Besides using Node.js on the back-end, we can help you with Go, Kotlin, Rust, Ruby, Elixir & Python as well. Our polyglot approach allows us to choose the best tools for the job, ensuring that your project benefits from the latest technologies and best practices in the industry.

While Node.js used to be an interesting yet risky new technology, it has grown to be a vastly used, stable and enterprise-ready back-end framework over the past. It not only provides a vast ecosystem where developers can find libraries that solve most of their problems but a clean interface for asynchronous operations as well. Writing the server and client both in JavaScript not only makes it easier to move logic between the frontend and the backend of a web application but makes it easier to train full-stack engineers who can handle both ends of the stack. It’s a versatile and efficient choice for modern web development.

Our team provides a complete solution for companies who want to develop and maintain a web application. We don’t just stop at development; we assist you with everything from planning and designing to deploying your product. Plus, we offer maintenance and support services to keep your application running smoothly. Our commitment to your success extends beyond the codebase.

Absolutely! At RisingStack, we believe that knowledge is meant to be shared. We offer a variety of training opportunities for JavaScript Developers, covering topics like Node.js, React, and Angular. Our experienced developers can tailor a program to fit your team’s needs, providing them with the skills they need to write good code. Whether it’s a few days of intensive training or a customized syllabus, we’re here to help your team reach its full potential.

Our Node.js consulting service is designed for teams who need the knowledge & guidance of senior developers. We can perform code-reviews, assist with scaling, security, debugging, and help with incorporating Node.js and web-development best practices. We also offer 24/7 Node.js Support, DevOps, SRE & Cloud Consulting, Infrastructure Assessment & Code Review Services, and Kubernetes Consulting Services. Our comprehensive support ensures that you have expert assistance whenever you need it.

RisingStack is deeply involved in the Node.js community. Our engineering blog is a major resource for Node.js developers, with over 150,000 readers learning from us each month. We’ve written more than 200 long-form tutorials and 10 books on JavaScript, Microservices, and Cloud technologies. We’ve also organized more than 40 Node.js & JavaScript meetups and several conferences. Our active participation keeps us at the forefront of the latest trends and best practices, and we love sharing that knowledge with others.

Ready to Elevate Your Node.js Development?

Tamas Kadlecsik

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