Today we are happy to announce two public, hands on trainings that will be held in February 2015 in Budapest.

Node.js Essentials & Best Practices


  • The basics: module system, async development
  • Building web servers with Express/Hapi
  • Adding real-time capabilities with WebSockets
  • Handling databases (Mongo with Mongoose)
  • Configuration management
  • Debugging/monitoring your application

Date: 12-13th February 2015

Instructors: Gergely Nemeth, Peter Marton

Modern JavaScript Tooling


  • Ensure code quality
    • Static code analysis
    • Ensure consistent style
    • Pre-commit hooks
  • Discovering build tools
    • How to construct a build pipeline using Grunt/Gulp?
  • Testing, code coverage
    • Unit/integration tests
    • Using Travis to test and distribute
  • Distributing using CDNs
    • Uploading / invalidation

Date: 26-27th February 2015

Instructors: Peter Marton, Gergely Nemeth

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