Update: Learn From The Experts Of RisingStack - We organize trainings in 2018 as well. Click here for more info, and seek contact with us if you’re interested in any of them. See you there!

Today we are happy to announce two public, hands on trainings that will be held in February 2015 in Budapest.

Node.js Essentials & Best Practices


  • The basics: module system, async development
  • Building web servers with Express/Hapi
  • Adding real-time capabilities with WebSockets
  • Handling databases (Mongo with Mongoose)
  • Configuration management
  • Debugging/monitoring your application

Date: 12-13th February 2015

Modern JavaScript Tooling


  • Ensure code quality
    • Static code analysis
    • Ensure consistent style
    • Pre-commit hooks
  • Discovering build tools
    • How to construct a build pipeline using Grunt/Gulp?
  • Testing, code coverage
    • Unit/integration tests
    • Using Travis to test and distribute
  • Distributing using CDNs
    • Uploading / invalidation

Date: 26-27th February 2015

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