RisingStack will be able to directly support the adoption of Node.js.

We are proud to announce that RisingStack has joined the Node.js Foundation on 8 December 2015 in the same round as Yahoo! and Apigee.

As a Silver member of the Foundation, we will work together with the Board of Directors and the Marketing Committee to accelerate the adoption of Node.js in the enterprise world. We are going to release developer tools, guides and white papers to aid the advancement of Node.js and help companies ship better products faster using it.

Why did we join?

The goal of RisingStack - to encourage the adoption of Node.js in the enterprise world - is well-aligned with the mission of the Node.js Foundation. Both of us believe that implementing a fast, highly scalable, event-based environment will make businesses more competitive and more profitable. We share the enthusiasm towards communicating with the developer community about Node.js as well.

Our contributions so far

We have organized several conferences and meetups, like NodeBP, JSConfBP and OneShot with top tier developers as speakers.

Since there wasn’t a high-level overview of the state of Node.js, we conducted a survey in early 2015 that reached 285 developers in 52 countries. Based on the results, we released an overview report about the state of Node.js.

We also recommend to check out our Github repository, and our open-source projects:

  • Trace, a microservice monitoring solution
  • Graffiti, a GraphQL ORM

To enhance the enterprise adoption of Node.js, we published a whitepaper which lets the business community to learn how Node.js can solve common challenges in engineering teams and how to enable it on an enterprise level.