New “Current” version line focuses on performance improvements, increased reliability and better security for its 3.5 million users -

Node.js v6 just got released - let's take a look at the improvements and new features landed in this release.

Node v6 just got released - find out what's new in it

Performance Improvements

Security Improvements

New ES6 Features

Default function parameters

function multiply(a, b = 1) {
  return a * b

multiply(5) // 5

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Rest parameters

function fun1(...theArgs) {

fun1()  // 0
fun1(5) // 1
fun1(5, 6, 7) // 3

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Spread operator

// before the spread operator
function myFunction(x, y, z) { }
var args = [0, 1, 2]
myFunction.apply(null, args)

// with the spread operator
function myFunction(x, y, z) { }
var args = [0, 1, 2]

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var x = [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
var [y, z] = x
console.log(y) // 1
console.log(z) // 2

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function Foo() {
  if (! throw new Error('Foo() must be called with new')
  console.log('Foo instantiated with new')

Foo() // throws "Foo() must be called with new"
new Foo() // logs "Foo instantiated with new"

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The Proxy object is used to define custom behavior for fundamental operations.

var handler = {
    get: function(target, name){
        return name in target ? target[name] : 37

var p = new Proxy({}, handler)
p.a = 1
p.b = undefined

console.log(p.a, p.b) // 1, undefined
console.log('c' in p, p.c) // false, 37

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Reflect is a built-in object that provides methods for interceptable JavaScript operations.

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A symbol is a unique and immutable data type and may be used as an identifier for object properties.

Symbol("foo") === Symbol("foo"); // false

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Trying Node.js v6

If you are using nvm, you only have to:

nvm install 6

If you for some reason cannot use nvm, you can download the binary from the official Node.js website.

When should I migrate to Node 6?

In October Node.js v6 will become the LTS version - after that, you should make the change.