Node.js v 12 arrived on schedule. It is going into LTS in October and will be maintained until 2022. Until then, the LTS version remains Node.js 10.

Node.js release Schedule

Node.js LTS & Current Download for macOS:

Node.js LTS & Current Download for Windows:

For other downloads like Linux libraries, source codes, Docker images, etc.. please visit

Node.js v12 - New Features You Shouldn't Miss

Here is a list of changes we consider essential to highlight:

  • V8 updated to version 7.4
    • Async stack traces arrived
    • Faster async/await implementation
    • New JavaScript language features
    • Performance tweaks & improvements
    • Progress on Worker threads, N-API
  • Default HTTP parser switched to llhttp
  • New experimental “Diagnostic Reports” feature

You can browse the full changelog here and read our deep-dive on Node.js v12 here.

Changelog for Node v12.6.0 (Current)

  • build: Experimental support for building Node.js on MIPS architecture is back
  • child_process: The promisified versions of child_process.exec and child_process.execFile now both return a Promise which has the child instance attached to their child property
  • deps: Updated libuv to 1.30.1
    • Support for the Haiku platform has been added.
    • The maximum UV_THREADPOOL_SIZE has been increased from 128 to 1024.
    • uv_fs_copyfile() now works properly when the source and destination files are the same.
  • process: A new method, process.resourceUsage() was added. It returns resource usage for the current process, such as CPU time
  • src: Fixed an issue related to stdio that could lead to a crash of the process in some circumstances
  • stream: Added a writableFinished property to writable streams. It indicates that all the data has been flushed to the underlying system
  • worker: Fixed an issue that prevented worker threads to listen for data on stdin

Changelog for Node v10.16.0 (LTS)

  • deps:
    • update ICU to 64.2
    • upgrade npm to 6.9.0
    • upgrade openssl sources to 1.1.1b
    • upgrade to libuv 1.28.0
  • events: add once method to use promises with EventEmitter
  • n-api: mark thread-safe function as stable
  • repl: support top-level for-await-of
  • zlib: add brotli support

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